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PET Bowls

PET Bowls

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Bowls and Lids, designed to meet your food service needs with reliability and versatility. These bowls and lids are ideal for serving salads, snacks, desserts, and other culinary delights, ensuring freshness and convenience. Crafted from high-quality PET plastic, they provide a durable and transparent solution that enhances food presentation while maintaining safety and hygiene. Each bowl has the option to pair with a matching PET lid that securely seals to keep food fresh and prevent spills during transportation. Available in various sizes to accommodate different portion sizes and types of food, from small snacks to larger salads. 


*Available Sizes: 320oz, 160oz, 80oz, 48oz, 32oz, and 24oz*


Quantities Available:

320oz, 160oz, 80oz: 25pcs per case

48oz: 50pcs per case

30oz and 24oz: 100pcs per case



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