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Heavy Duty Wire Chafing Racks

Heavy Duty Wire Chafing Racks

Ensure your next catered event or buffet runs smoothly with Heavy Duty Full Size Wire Chafing Racks. Designed for professional food service, these racks provide a sturdy and reliable solution for keeping food warm and presentable. Made from heavy duty wire, these chafing racks are built to withstand frequent use in demanding environments. They fit standard full size steam table and hotel pans, allowing for versatile use with various types of food. Includes built-in fuel holders that securely elevate chafing fuel cans to keep food at the optimal serving temperature without the risk of spills. The wire design allows for quick and easy cleaning, helping to maintain hygiene standards in your kitchen or event space. They racks are stackable for compact storage when not in use, making them ideal for caterers and event planners.


Quantities Available:

6 count

10 count

24 count

50 count

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