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2oz. Tiny Champagne Glasses

2oz. Tiny Champagne Glasses

Toast to elegance and convenience with Plastic 2oz 2-Piece Tiny Champagne Glasses! Crafted for those special moments that demand sophistication in miniature form, these tiny champagne glasses are the perfect addition to any celebration. The two-piece design ensures easy assembly, allowing you to effortlessly serve up bubbly delights to your guests. Also available as one piece, reqiring no assembly. With a 2oz capacity, these tiny champagne glasses are ideal for serving small yet stylish pours of your favorite sparkling wines, champagnes, or fizzy cocktails. Whether you're hosting a bridal shower, anniversary party, or New Year's Eve bash, these miniature glasses add a touch of glamour to any occasion.


Quantities Available:

2- Piece: 10 packs of 12ct

1 Piece: 12 packs of 8ct 

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